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At Diana G. Bertini, PLLC, I have extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate. Over the years, I have built a reputation for being thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable and solutions-oriented. My practice includes facilitating real estate transactions, preparing deeds and resolving disputes. When you hire me, I take the time to explain the options in front of you and walk you through the process. No matter what your real estate law needs are, I am here to help.

Navigating Real Estate Transactions In Texas

As anyone who has closed on a property knows, every real estate sale involves signing a stack of documents that is three to five inches thick depending on the complexity of the transaction. You wouldn’t attempt surgery without a medical degree, and you shouldn’t attempt buying or selling a home without the help of someone with a law degree. I have decades of experience guiding Texans through real estate transactions. From preparing deeds to ensuring that there are no issues with zoning and all paperwork is completed correctly, I make transactions run as smoothly as possible while ensuring your needs are met.

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No matter where you are in the real estate transaction process, the smartest move you can make is to discuss your options with a skilled lawyer. To schedule a consultation, call my office at 409-995-1970 today. You can also email me by filling out my contact form online.